The Musician

  Beginnings 1986-2006


  Born and raised in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Baden Württemberg, Germany

  Started playing Saxophone at age 8 in the local musical society

  Founding first bands as a teenager with his brother Flo: „Lite Lounge“ & „Monkey‘s Blues Band“

  Landesjazzorchester Baden-Württemberg (Youth Jazz Orchestra of the State), conducted by Bernd Konrad

  Pop-Jazz Band „Sightwinder“

  All kinds of projects: musicals, theatre shows, house, cover rock

  Fundamentals 2006-2010


  "Nurmeberg Era"

  Artsitic Diploma Jazz Saxophone at the College of Music Nuremberg

  with Steffen Schorn, Klaus Graf, and Hubert Winter

  Member of the Bundesjazzorchester BuJazzO (Youth Jazz Orchestra of the FRG)

  Teacher for Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute, Music Academy König, Neustadt an der Aisch

  Progression 2010-2014


  Relocation to Lucerne, Switzerland

  Master in Performance Jazz Saxophone und Master in Music Education on Saxophone at Lucerne School of Music

  with John Voirol, Nat Su, Roland von Flüe, and Nils Wogram

  Saxophone teacher at Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich

  Playing for everybody who dared to ask :-)


  Current Practice 2014ff


  Playing as a freelance musician in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czechia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,

  Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA, and on records.

  Teacher for Saxophone and Clarinet, Kantonsschule Sursee (until 2020)

  Teacher for Saxophone and Clarinet, Musikschule Region Sursee (since 2020)


  Equipment (saves time after concerts)


  Conn Tenor Saxophone Nr. 243 xxx (1930), quadruple silver plated

  François Louis #3 Reed, matured for several weeks on an 1960s Otto Link Super Tone Master Florida 6* (refaced to 8*)

  François Louis Ultimate Ligature

  Selmer Privilège Bass Clarinet Nr. P048xx (2000s)

  Selmer G mouthpiece

  Same reed as above

  Akai EWI 4000S

  Bass player's jack cable

  Whatever Amp is available at the venue or other musicians bring to the concert